The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women

The Lydia Project: Conversations with Christian Women - 

A podcast hosted by The Gospel Coalition Australia

As a young girl, I just loved to talk. I talked all the way through primary school and high school, and when I became a Christian at fourteen, I loved to talk with my Christian friends and leaders about what it meant to follow Jesus.  Thirty (thirty!?) years on, I still love to be a part of these encouraging Christian conversations.  They spur me on to keep standing firm in Christ, and they open my mind and heart to new ways of thinking about the things of God.

A couple of years ago, I was listening to a podcast where a Christian woman was being interviewed about her faith and ministry, and how it all worked out in her particular life stage. I was trying to prepare dinner at the time, but I had to keep stopping because I was so gripped by what she was saying.  There were those “Ah ha!  Me too!” moments of identification with her, there were interesting theological insights, as well as statements that I found challenging to my own lack of godliness in particular areas.  I realised that this was the sort of podcast that I was craving, and so I went searching for podcasts that specialised in conversations with Christian Women.  

When I couldn't find any, I decided to start one!  I knew loads of fabulous Christian women, and I was so keen to enable them to share their wisdom, experience and encouragement.  The aim of the podcast is to provide something warm and encouraging for Christian women (and men) to listen to. I also hope to showcase different ministries that people may not necessarily know about. I ask my guests the questions that spur me on in Christ as I hear them answered, such as "How did you come to faith in Christ?, What are you passionate about and how does your faith impact that? What is big for you in your life right now and how is that helping you see God's work in a new light? What keeps you standing firm in Christ at the moment?"

The conversations that I have in recording for The Lydia Project are truly a blessing to me.  And I’m so glad that others get to listen in on them as well.  I have interviewed women from all over the world, from a variety of life stages, women whom I’ve known and respected for ages, to women whom I have just met. They are all very generous in opening up about their life history and situation, and what they are learning about following Christ and living for him.   Listeners have commented that they enjoy the relaxed conversation style, and enjoy being pointed to Jesus as women discuss how God is working in their lives.  

Most of the listeners that I know of are in Australia, but a missionary in Nepal recently got in touch to say she had just discovered the podcast and had listened to all 25 episodes in the last month.  Who would have known?  Listeners have also commented that they listen to the podcast as they clean the bathroom, go for a walk, wait in the car for teenagers, cook their dinner and even wash their hair. 

My hope is that the podcast will continue to inform, encourage and inspire Christian women – wherever they may be listening.

The Lydia Project is hosted by The Gospel Coalition Australia, and can be listened online at

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Tori and her husband David live in Brisbane with their four boys aged 9-15 years.  She spends a lot of time buying food and watching it disappear.  Tori also runs a home-based business servicing the building industry, teaches Christian Religious Instruction, gives evangelistic and Bible talks at events and conferences, and is involved in teaching kids on Sundays at her local church.

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