Equal But Different had its genesis in the 1992 debates about the ordination of women to the priesthood in the Anglican Church of Australia. But much has happened since then.

Now the worldwide Anglican Communion is in turmoil, following the blessing of same-sex unions in Canada and the appointment of a practising homosexual and a lesbian as bishops in the Episcopal Church in the USA. Alongside these developments, a global orthodox Anglican movement has emerged (i.e. GAFCON/the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans). There have been similar developments in other denominations.

These changes should concern us all, as they represent an unambiguous rejection of biblical authority and truth. Unfortunately these changes mark the logical end point of denying God’s intentions for relationships between men and women.

EBD currently has supporters all around Australia and overseas, including men and women from many different Christian denominations. 

The founding members of EBD were Patricia Judge, Lesley Hicks, Helen Jensen, Christine Jensen, Pru Selden, Karen Davidson and Marion Gabbott. Others who have been members of our steering group are Louisa Pfitzner, Di Warren,  Emma Pfahlert, Tara Stenhouse and Emma Newling.