Equal But Different exists to testify to the unchanging truth of God’s word—especially as it applies to the unity, equality and complementarity of male and female in God’s creation, in marriage, and in ministry. We provide resources to help people think biblically about gender issues.

On our website we publish articles (from both a theological and practical ministry viewpoint) about the responsibilities of men and women in church and family within a complementarian framework. We post new articles once a month.

We also keep our readers informed about other good material, by regularly linking to other good articles from around the web as well as providing a list of excellent resources (websites, audio resources and books) on gender issues.

Finally, we love to run seminars that clarify the biblical teaching on these issues, and its implications. If you think your church could benefit from such a seminar, please email us. We are based in Sydney, Australia, but we will see if we can help you regardless of where you are.